Ivy Pentacle Mood Blends:


A soothing blend of sandalwood and lavender to aid meditation.


Let the scents of pine and cinnamon create a relaxing atmosphere for practising Yoga, Tai Chi etc.


A blend of lavender, cedarwood and black pepper for protection against negativity.


Sandalwood and rosemary combine to give protection during spiritual working.


Sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense help to remove negative vibrations in the home or workplace.


A blend of amber, cloves and pine for use during spiritual working.


Myrrh, pine, rosemary and thyme blend together to aid concentration when need to focus on a task.


Chamomile, rose and sandalwood help create and atmosphere for spiritual and personal healing.


Jasmine, lavender and sage blend together to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.


Lavender, marjoram and neroli create an uplifting atmosphere.


Inspired by the nine sacred herbs of Norse mythology, an expanded blend of 12 herbs and resins create an earthy, woody scent.


This blend of sandalwood, angelica and hyssop are specially selected for use when working with the angelic realm.

CHARCOAL: roll of 10 blocks

Ivy Pentacle blends are loose incense, designed to be burned on a charcoal block.

Add a roll of 10 blocks to your order for just £1.50.

About our Mood Blends

Whatever your activity, Ivy Pentacle Mood Blends will create the right atmosphere.

Each blend has been created with complementary ingredients traditionally associated with certain features (meditation, spiritual work, healing etc).

Ivy Pentacle also produces a range of Sabbat Blends, created specifically for the celebration of the eight festivals of the Pagan/Wiccan 'Wheel of the Year'.

  See Sabbat Blends 

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Please note that all Ivy Pentacle blends are loose incense, designed to be burned on a charcoal block held in a suitable heatproof dish or bowl of sand.

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