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Fire pentangleIncense has been used across all cultures of the world since Neolithic times - some 10,000 years ago - for religious ceremonies, ritual purification, meditation, aromatherapy, or creating a spiritual atmosphere.

Today, Ivy Pentacle continues this age-old tradition, with our hand-made loose incense blends.

  • Whatever your activity, our Mood Blends help create a wonderful atmosphere for healing, spiritual work, meditation, and more.
  • Our Sabbat Blends have been made specifically to celebrate the eight festivals in the Pagan/Wiccan 'Wheel of the Year'. You'll also find our unique Full Moon Blend.

Browse our incense blends and, should you not see what you require, please get in touch with us.

About our incense

All the incense for sale on this site is hand made to order.

The herbs and resins used are sourced from reputable outlets.

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Mood Blends and Sabbat Blends.

Should you not see what you require, please get in touch.

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